The GG-MVP Approach to Mental Skills Training

Goal Setting




Positive Self-Talk

Competitors have wishes and hopes, but champions have goals and plans. Setting goals is the first step in every successful athlete’s mental skills locker.

Champion’s Mind take you through the goal setting framework and organises your time to reflect on them daily - meaning you aren’t just dreaming, you are achieving your dreams.

Finding and expressing reasons to be grateful makes your teammates work harder for you, prevents burnout, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure and strengthens your immune system.

That's why winning athletes put some gratitude in their attitude before they go for gold. So, athlete, what one thing are you most grateful for right now?

It works for the Navy Seals, and it will work for you too. Mindfulness is the art of focusing on the now, feeling the rhythm of your mind and body, and feeling the world in the present moment.

Mindfulness has repeatedly been proven through brain scans and field tests to improve focus and concentration in stressful situations. It also provides a greater awareness of your body and it's potential.

See it. Be it. Do it.

When you imagine yourself achieving your goals, you are more likely to achieve them. After all, neurons that fire together, wire together.

Champion's Mind includes a selection of audio visualisation exercises designed to aid you when visualising key plays, victories and moments.

Reflect on your most vivd sporting memories. Most of them probably involve great mistakes - not your greatest takes. Your memory often isn't a fair reflection of your talent as an athlete.

Positive self-talk helps to rebalance your mind on the things you have practiced and excel at. Clinically shown to reduce stress when competing.

Created by Dr Jim Afremow

Peak performance & mental skills coach to:

Olympic Gold Medalists


San Francisco Giants

Hall of Famers


Based on Cutting Edge Performance Research

Attain peak mental performance in just 10 minutes a day.

120 years of sports psychology history

In 1898, it was shown that cyclists competing together were faster than those who competed alone.

Over 2,000 research papers and studies

The components of the GG-MVP methodology consistently show improved athletic performance.

Distilled down and made unique for you

Mental skills training made easy with short, daily athlete focused mental skills training exercises.

“The mental component of sport has long been acknowledged, but few people knew enough about how to cultivate that skill to make a difference in performance. Dr. Jim Afremow takes mental conditioning and breaks it down in easy to understand ways that we can put into practice immediately.”

- Tianna Bartoletta
4x Olympic and World Champion

The Importance of Daily Mental Skills Training

The Importance of Daily Mental Skills Training

Your brain is like any other muscle in your body. It takes deliberate, regular training to make it stronger. Gains don't happen overnight, but they do happen over time, and they go away when you stop working on them.

To be effective, you need to be deliberate and organized about how you train your mind. The Champion's Mind will help you stay organized. It's up to you to be deliberate.

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