Sports Psychologists

Scale your ability to work with teams and athletes effectively

Deliver a complete mental skills training course for dozens or hundreds of athletes while surfacing key 1:1 conversations that need to be had - in person and remotely.

Scale Yourself

Too often, athletes and coaches make the call too late. They're already stuck in a rut and desperately looking for a way out. With Champion's Mind, you can reverse that trend. Work proactively with dozens or hundreds of athletes at the same time to deliver mental skills training with a growth mindset to aid their development in advance of competition. Become the hero they never knew they needed.

Deliver training, not just counselling

Champion's Mind gives you all the resources you need to run a complete mental skills training program for all your athletes.

For teams of any size

Champion’s Mind has been run by a single mental skills coach to over 200 athletes concurrently.

Open Communication Channels

Champion’s Mind gives you a direct, private communications channel with each athlete you are responsible for.

Teams using Champion's Mind as a competitive edge

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"This app is great, and has helped me immensely. Our team could really turn a corner if we all bought in to this!"

- Jake Basinger, BHSU Yellowjackets