Mental Skills training for all your athletes

World class and affordable. Sports Psychology and Mental Toughness training for your team.

How does it work?

Champion's Mind gives you all the resources you need to run a complete mental skills training program for all your athletes. Athletes begin by downloading the Champion's Mind app, which gives them access to 130+ mental training sessions, including a 12 module mental skills training course.

As a coach, you also get access to the coach dashboard, where you can assign modules and review each athlete's daily and weekly progress, plus choose from a series of team exercises that can be run to reinforce the lessons in each module.

Is it right for my team/sport?

Mental skills training works for players in every sport and in all age categories. That said, two particular groups that can benefit from it are 17-24 year old athletes looking to reach their full potential, and older athletes looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and who appreciate the mental component of their sport and want to learn more.

What are the benefits?

During the course, athletes will learn hundreds of habits and techniques, each of which will help them to enjoy their sport more, stick with it longer, perform better as a team, improve their individual mental toughness and help them to develop both as athletes and as individuals.

“I'm passionate about helping each athlete reach their full potential in sport and in life. I created the Champion's Mind app to share to the mental skills training techniques I've used for over 20 years with hundreds of athletes including Olympic Gold Medalists, Hall of Famers and the San Francisco Giants.”

- Dr Jim Afremow
Peak Performance and Mental Skills Coach

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Does mental training work?

The methodology taught by Dr Jim Afremow has helped 17 Olympic athletes to win gold in their chosen sports, as well as helping hundreds of other pro and amateur athletes reach their full potential as both athletes and in life.

What happens after the course is complete?

Completing the course is just the beginning of each athlete's mental training journey. The Champion's Mind app also contains dozens of daily mental training exercises like mindfulness, muscle relaxation and visualizations. All of these have been shown to improve performance on the track or field. All your athletes will continue to have access to all these sessions to be used as needed while your subscription is active.

Do my athletes need to also buy the app?

No. Buying a team license and adding your athletes to your team via the Champion's Mind coach dashboard automatically provides them with full access to all 130+ sessions in the Champion's Mind app as well as all the team chat features and coach messaging.

How does it impact my coaching?

At Champion's Mind, we recognise that the role of mental skills coaching in your organization is to assist you as a coach to get the best from your athletes. We're happy to advise whether we feel certain components of the course would suit certain situations, but the final decision about how to deliver your program is always yours.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered via pre-recorded sessions in the Champion’s Mind app and can be followed by each athlete on their phone at any time. Modules are broken down into bite-size chunks and are designed to be listened to before/after training, when traveling to/from competitions, or during short breaks during the day.

How do I access the coach dashboard?

Athletes and coaches can download the app for iOS here and for Android here. You can access the coach dashboard here.