With a Champion's Mind team license, your entire team will have the mental skills training they need to always reach for gold.

“I'm passionate about helping each athlete reach their full potential in sport and in life. I created the Champion's Mind app to share to the mental skills training techniques I've used for over 20 years with hundreds of athletes including Olympic Gold Medalists, Hall of Famers and the San Francisco Giants.”

- Dr Jim Afremow
Peak Performance and Mental Skills Coach


It's tough when an athlete with great potential loses their passion for their sport. Sessions in the Champion's Mind app like Gratitude and Positive Self-Talk help your athletes to love their sport - and stick with it longer.


Inexperience in the face of adversity often derails promising athletes from their potential. Powerful programs in Champion's Mind like Grit and Determination help your athletes to push their limits and value the true reason for competition.


Every successful athlete stands on the shoulders of the giants around them. The Champion's Mind series on Leadership and Teamwork shows how pro teams work together to push each other further than they ever could on their own.


No athlete can realize their full potential without a deep and powerful love of the game. Champion's Mind focuses on bringing athletes back to their roots. When the game becomes a grind, it's time to refocus on the simple joy of sport.

Don't Think Like a Champion. Think AS a Champion.

Don't train your athletes to have heroes. Train them to become them.

Reinforces Rather Than Replaces

Champion's Mind works with your training plan to help athletes sustain peak performance.

Compete Stronger. Stick Around Longer.

Athletes who train their minds on a daily basis compete stronger and stick around longer. See the proof.

Sports Psychology is Bigger Than Sport

The mental skills developed during training benefits each athlete for the rest of their lives.

Try out the Champion's Mind app for yourself

70+ sessions on topics like leadership, teamwork, grit and determination which you can listen to and pass on to your athletes while becoming a better coach.

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